From concept through completion, each shoe tells a story and has a unique aesthetic. Our modelistas make our intricate designs become reality. We are proud to be partners with an award-winning factory for their sustainability and environmental practices, who take every care to bring our ideas to life.

Evert care is taken during each step of production 

The utmost care is taken during each step of production to protect every component of your shoes. Key comfort components are built in to each style for functional all day wear and exclusive memory foam padding are added to each insole board for extra support. 

Every shoe is super flexible, yet durable for your benefit.

Each insole board is carefully prepared to receive our rubber pod inset leather soles which are adorned with our signature metal lotus flower ornament to let the wearer experience divine beauty and awaken her soles.  

Each AURORA ornament is delicately prepared to be attached to her heel. 

Jewelry for your feet

Swarovski crystals are then set into the mold to keep you glittering with every step.

Upper patterns are laid out and the placement is then marked where the crystal hummingbird ornament will be attached.

    For us, it's all in the details. Rich floral embroidery on luxurious articles are the perfect backdrop for the main event, our hand-crafted crystal encased hummingbird that glitters like diamonds at dusk. 


Our focus on comfort, quality craftsmanship, and style will change the way you dress forever... planning your outfit from the ground up. Are you ready to become part of our FSP family and awaken your soles?