It took us months of planning and venue searching in the bitter cold months of winter. We finally chose none other than New York City's nostalgic EMPIRE HOTEL to debut our collection to the industries elites. 

My intern Will and I spent two whole days spray painting hat boxes and furniture to display the shoes on for the event in my yard and boy was it a work out! Unfortunately later that day, the fumes made their way in to our apartment and Josh, Salsa and I had to barricade ourselves in our bedroom to avoid a contact high. Thank goodness for seamless web! 

Set up went well the day before the event. Our fabulous PR Team helped create our floral arrangements and stuff swag bags with goodies to give to each of our guests. I was also able to have Baked By Melissa provide us with mini cupcakes designed in our signature FSP color with vanilla flavored frosting and cake, stuffed with chocolate graham cracker mouse, topped with a dark chocolate square. They were divine! 

It was finally "Show Day" and the warmest day of 2015 (April 2nd) to date. I was super excited to showcase our Premiere Collection to the world. We had fashion editors stop by from InStyle, MORE, Cosmo for Latinas, O Magazine, Lucky, People StyleWatch,  as well as several fashion bloggers and buyers. The event was a success and all attendees were loved each shoe more than the next. Not bad for our debut! 


FEBRUARY 18, 2015


After traveling more than 14 hours from New York City, connecting in Sao Paulo for Porto Alegre and on no sleep form the turbulent flights caused by the summer storms, I arrived at the factory in Sapiranga, Brazil. With my adrenaline pumping, I walk in and say, “Bom Dia,” which in Portuguese translates to “Good Morning.” 


Everyone showed so much excitement for this new line they were making come to life. With three modelista’s, my agent and myself sitting around a correction table (where the foot model stands so you can correct the details of the shoe), we began to review the prototypes. We discussed the technical components of the outsoles, what material the outsoles should be created in, so our FSP toplift design would execute well and they proceeded to open the molds.  


Next we spoke about the sock design and if our logo should be laser cut or embossed and how much stitching details if any should be on it, because past experience has taught me that stitching can cause irritation on the foot and which leather to use.  The end results were perfection! Of course I would expect nothing less, from some of the best technicians in the world. 

Lastly, we spent the remainder of the day correcting my first prototypes for the Premiere 2015 Collection. We corrected the shape of the lasts (which are a mechanical form that have a shape similar to that of a human foot) which the patterns are “lasted” on, modified the heel shapes and revised pattern lines and cures on the shoes, as every detail counts. It was an extremely productive first day in Brazil and the 9 days to follow will be, to say the very least, invaluable.