Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is Christina Durante, a very special bride to our hearts and to the GL family, with outmost pleasure and excitement to be able to be a part of your wedding day. The amazing Christina wore the Loretta gown which was custom made for her desire. With her amazing shoe designs and our amazing gowns a perfect match was made. You and your husband are an inspiration and to see the energy through the photos are even more inspiring. Thank you for being an outstanding Galia Lahav bride!

A magical outdoor wedding was all I had ever dreamed of, surrounded by nature, the sun setting in the distance while we said our “I Do’s.” To be honest, I had the entire affair planned for years; all I needed was the right dress and the perfect guy! 

In December of 2012, after returning from a three week design trip in China, I attended a friends holiday party. Everyone was dressed in festive costumes. Josh, my now husband was wearing a red bra and panties (over his clothing) that had caught my eye, which I later found out was a humorous Secret Santa exchange. His great smile lured me right in and we ended up talking about our travels for hours. He eventually gave me the red bra to wear, so I didn’t feel left out from the crowd! We went on our first date the following day at Bryant Park’s annual holiday fair, where I found myself in a constant state of laughter.

Nearly two years later, after traveling together to St. Maarten, Barcelona, London, and Thailand, Josh took me back to the same Bryant Park holiday fair where we had had our first date and proposed. He then had our parents waiting nearby with champagne, as well as 65 of our dearest family and friends to celebrate our new engagement. What a surprise it all was! Four days later, my father and I met at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, which I knew would make for the perfect setting. Although it was a dreary rainy winter day, we booked the venue on site. I knew it would make for a glamorous wedding! 

My mother and I have never seen eye to eye when it comes to fashion. Being a designer myself, I knew the process of finding the gown of my dreams was going to be difficult. Every detail was of significant importance to me. I’m also petite, so a grand ball gown would not suffice. Over seven months, we had visited four bridal salons. There was never a silhouette or fit that made the cut. Then I saw an advertisement for Galia Lahav’s trunk show at Bridal Reflections on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Having tried on more than fifty gowns at this point, I was still skeptical that this would be the day I found “The One.” 

I was escorted into their largest dressing room with a grand floor to ceiling mirror that stood before me as I tried on several form fitted gowns, which exuded extraordinary detail from every angle. Endless tulle filled the room like I was floating upon a cloud. The scalloped open back was perfection, but I still couldn’t choose. Each of the gowns offered different aspects that I loved. As luck would have it, their head designer Sharon Sever was at the salon. He came in to meet me and discuss how he could create the gown of my dreams. I remember it like it was yesterday, “Ok, before we talk gowns, where are these shoes from?” he said, as he picked up my CORA peep toe pump from my footwear line “Femmes Sans Peur.” I had brought them with me for the fitting. I told him that I designed them and he was astonished. He asked if I could design a capsule collection for their October showcase that would take place during New York Bridal Fashion Week. I said that I would be honored too. We then talked through each of the elements that I envisioned for my gown and he sketched the design. 

After meeting Sharon, Femmes Sans Peur collaborated with Galia Lahav, designing a capsule collection that traveled to Budapest with them to be photographed along with their stunning new GALA gowns. Our shoes also walked the runway for their debut at the New York Public Library. 

For my Big Day, I designed custom ANYA flower sandals for my bridesmaids to wear in the garden, along with my own Swarovski Crystal encrusted CIARA wedding shoes to complement my gown! I have never felt more beautiful than when I walked down the grassy aisle, arm in arm with my parents, eyes locked with Josh both holding back tears of joy, in my breathtaking blush Galia Lahav dream gown.

All images are by Julian Ribinik Photography –

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